GDC 2011

Tom Chilton was at GDC 2011 and had a few interesting things to say about Cataclysm, such as "...the team was mulling a system where the game would auto-select talents for novices, but quickly decided that making those decisions was a key part of the gameplay experience" and "Chilton did call out one game as having done it the right way and having a good selection without the complexity--Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2". (Source)

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also had some good things to say about WoW, "World of Warcraft was reserved a special place in Iwata's talk, as he spoke about a third source of must-have "that stems from neither hardware nor software, but comes from players themselves." (Source)



Chinese World of Warcraft players might be interested to know that the operating company, Netease, had 48% revenue this year. This was their first full year of operating WoW in China and it treated them well. Cataclysm is expected to be approved in Q3 this year. (Source)

Written by Michael 'chaud'
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